Han's Laser

Built for Automation

Han’s Laser develop industry leading automation, storage and loading / unloading systems.
All built in house to integrate seamlessly with their laser cutting machinery.


Han’s Laser Benefits of full automation

Enhancing Han’s Laser Efficiency and Reliability through Automation.


Automation Systems for Laser Cutting Machines Made by Han’s

  • Automating Han’s Laser Production Processes to Increase Efficiency

In today’s manufacturing environment, efficiency and precision are critical. Automation systems for Han’s laser cutting machines promise to revolutionize the way industrial processes are carried out. These methods are intended to decrease manual labor, improve precision, and streamline production. This is a detailed look at the ways that automation solutions for Han’s laser cutting machines are changing the manufacturing sector.

Increasing Accuracy and Effectiveness

  • Han’s Laser Minimize Labor dependency.

The automated systems for Han’s laser cutting machines are designed to achieve previously unheard-of levels of accuracy and productivity. These systems guarantee that every step of the cutting process is carried out with remarkable accuracy by automating material loading, laser processing, sorting, and material unloading, among other processes. This accuracy is very helpful, especially in fields where the end product’s quality and consistency are crucial.

Adaptable and Scalable Approaches

  • Han’s Laser Reduce Downtime with Full Automation

Scalability and adaptability are two features that Han’s laser automation systems are built with in mind. These solutions are able to expand with your company and change to meet the changing requirements of your working environment. There is a solution that works for you, regardless of the size of your business or industrial facility. Furthermore, Han’s Laser provides configurations that, in comparison to standard laser automation installations, use 30% less floor space, offering important space efficiency in your company.

Customized Knowledge for Optimal Output

  • Han’s Laser Robust and Adaptable Automation Systems.

You may take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Han’s laser automation professionals to get the most out of their laser cutting machine automation solutions. These professionals work with you to identify the best configuration for laser technology, material supply, storage, removal, and part sorting.

In conclusion, Han’s laser cutting machine automation systems lead the manufacturing sector in accuracy and productivity. They are now necessary tools for companies trying to streamline their production procedures and maintain their competitiveness in a market that is changing quickly since they cut down on labor costs, minimize downtime, and provide flexible solutions.

A4SORT can be interfaced and integrated with all systems and brands of cutting machines and warehouses, whether newly installed or existing.

A4SORT captures files in the standard formats (e.g. ISO, DXF, DWG etc.) generated by CAD-CAM systems.

A4SORT does not require the use of a programmer and is run by user-friendly hen’s Laser software.

  • It is possible to combine the most diverse types and quantities of items, materials, customer orders, kits and more in a single job list.
  • The CAD-CAM optimizes nesting independently, improving its performance in making the best use of the materials to be cut.
  • A4SORT undertakes the organized storage of each work piece and the residual waste, complying with the subdivision logic established in the job list.

A4SORT optimizes Hens’ laser manufacturing efficiency:

  • Maximum productivity in the manufacturing process by eliminating cutting machine waiting times.
  • Elimination of labor costs normally allocated to the handling and manufacturing of cut parts and waste.
  • Elimination of sorting mistakes, excluding the possibility of merging of parts belonging to different customers or subsequent working activities
  • Intelligent order and materials management, consistently reducing scrap quantities and obtaining maximum cutting-machine performance.
  • Less man euvering space for service vehicles

A4SORT manages scrap. The cut items are completely separated from the waste (cut without micro-joints) and the whole scrap frame is unloaded with comb forks or adequately split up into pieces, and unloaded into a crate. Materials intended for recycling can be separated by type automatically.

A4SORT is the only system that can also use magnetic tools in addition to the traditional suction cups. The different magnets used by A4SORT can lift up very thick metal sheets (over 50 mm thick), with a great number of holes, complex shapes and long narrow strips.

Hen’s laser Lower energy consumption:

  • Kinetic energy recovery
  • Low compressed air consumption as a result of tailored usage
  • The speed of the loading and unloading cycle can automatically adapt to the speed of the cutting process, minimising energy consumption

A4SORT is capable of an unmanned operation. This means that the cutting program can be regulated over 3 work shifts, with a clear financial benefit from increased manufacturing capacity and the consequent gain in competitiveness.

A4SORT ensures on-time delivery to the customer due to reliable manufacturing timescales, which are not affected by the workforce human factor.