Press Brake Tonnage Calculator

Press Brake Tonnage Calculator

The calculator can help you calculate the required tonnage of the press brake machine.

You can use this calculator to work out the necessary press brake tonnage and tooling requirements to perform the bending of your parts.

This calculator is to be used for the standard air bending process.

F (kN) – total necessary force to execute the bend
s (mm) – thickness of material to bend
V (mm) – opening of the die (8 x bending thickness recommended)
h (mm) – minimum necessary flange length
l (mm) – length of the part to be bended
R (mm) – internal radius of folded steel
σ (kg/mm²) material tensile strength

Formulas used:

Required Bending Force (F) = (1.42 x σ x S² x L) / (1000 x V)

Internal radius (R) = (5 x V) / 32

Press brake force chart

Information chart for necessary tonnage for 1 meter bending width (L) for mild steel material: