meet the HAN’S LASER pd series

The PD series laser tube cutting machine is equipped with IPG fiber laser, high efficiency transmission mechanisms such as high-precision rack and pinion, imported high-precision linear guides etc., and is assembled through advanced Hans series CNC system of Han’s SMC.

It is a precision CNC automatic laser pipe cutting machine integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology, etc. It’s mainly used for metal tubes cutting such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy tube (square, round, oval tubes) and others tubes (please indicate if there are oval tubes).

It is the preferred cutting machine in the metal tube processing industry, with the characteristics of professionalism, high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance.

pd series
pd series
pd series
  • The machine adopts a horizontal structure, gears and racks, and high precision linear guide rails, with smooth transmission and high accuracy. It is equipped with fully automatic loading and unloading devices, greatly improving the production efficiency of the machine tool.
  • The bed adopts a welded structure, which is rough processed after annealing, then subjected to vibration aging treatment, and then subjected to precision processing. It can completely eliminate welding and processing stress, has good rigidity, high accuracy, and can maintain long-term use without deformation.
  • The feeding chuck seat and fixed chuck seat adopt a welded plate structure, which is rough processed after high-temperature annealing, vibration aging, and high-precision processed to form. They have good rigidity, light weight, and good dynamic performance.
  • The X, Y, Z linear axes and A, B rotating axes all use servo motors, which have high precision, high speed, high torque, stable and durable performance, ensuring the high speed and acceleration of the entire machine.
  • The linear axis positioning speed of the machine tool can reach 120m/min, and the rotation speed can reach 120r/min.


  • The console can be adjusted in real time according to operator heights.
  • Multi angle rotation operation, convenient for observation while operating, and suitable for various operation conditions.


  • The cut work piece slides directly to the finished box. The loading has tube length detection device ensures that the feeding chuck reaches the accurate position to clamp the material.


  • It is specially designed for the cutting of small round tubes with a diameter of 10mm to 20mm, which requires manual loading.
  • For the tube (both round and square) diameter of 10mm to 15mm, the length of the raw material needs to be less than 4 meters.
  3015HF 4020HF 6025HF 8025HF 10025HF 12025HF 12030HF UNITS
Machine Length 9615 11230 15700 19200 24100 28400 28400 mm
Machine Width 3040 3470 4060 4060 4230 4230 4800 mm
Machine Height 2330 2320 2400 2400 2610 2610 2610 mm
Nominal Sheet Size (X) 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 12000 mm
Nominal Sheet Size (Y) 1500 2000 2500 2500 2500 2500 3000 mm
X Axis Stroke 3050 4030 6030 8100 10100 12100 12100 mm
Y Axis Stroke 1530 2020 2520 2520 2600 2600 3080 mm
Z Axis Stroke 120 120 400 400 400 400 400 mm
X/Y Positioning Accuracy ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05 mm/m
X/Y Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05 mm
Max. Travelling Speed 200 200 160 160 160 160 160 m/min
Max. Accelerating Speed 2.8 2.8 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 G
Max. Workbench Weight 1800 3200 14400 19200 24000 28800 34400 kg
Machine Weight (Approx.) 10000 14000 20000 24000 29000 32000 34000


The right to make changes to dimensions, construction, and equipment is reserved. ISO-9001-certified.
The technical data can vary based on the chosen configuration of the machine.

Cutting Head Hans / Precitec/MAX Photonics
Focus Mode Automatic
Cooling Mode Water Cooled
Piercing Mode 5 Stage
Laser Source IPG (USA / Germany)/ MAX Photonics/ Han’s Laser Photonics (China) / Coreactive (Canada)
Rack Gudel (Switzerland)
Pinion Rexroth (Germany)/Hiwin(Taiwan)
Speed Reducers Alpha (Germany)/Gudel (Switzerland)/Stober(Germany)
Servo Drives & Motors Rexroth (Germany)
Computer Industrial X64-based PC
Operating System Windows 10 64 bit
CNC Software Han’s 901 (Bosch Rexroth)
Display Size 21”
Electrical System Airtac/Parker
Gas Circuit Control – Oxygen, Nitrogen and Air Lanny (Germany)
Laser and Cutting Head Cooling Device Dual Circuit Industrial Chiller
Laser Source Enclosure Han’s Laser

The technical data can vary based on the chosen configuration of the machine.

han’s cnc system advantage

Fiber laser tube cutting machine uses Hans series CNC system of Han’s Smart Control Technology Co., Ltd. The compact and modular Hans series CNC can meet the needs of users using high-performance CNC systems with its good cost performance.

  • First-class technology and production efficiency

  • PC technology.

  • Real open CNC.

  • High-speed machining.

  • High productivity, high precision and good surface finish quality.

  • Ethernet communication interface.

Han’s Industrial Fiber Laser

Han’s own automatic
focusing laser cutting head

Han’s Laser are equipped with Fully self-developed fiber laser cutting heads.
This means that the machines are developed as a whole idea rather than individual components
making integration seamless.
Strict beam shaping and robust mechanics combined with fixed optical ratio lens, coupled with
the non-contact high automatic tracking system of Han’s SMC capacitor mean Han’s Laser
cutting heads have established themselves right at the top of local markets and have become
the go to head on Han’s fiber lasers.

choice of laser source


IPG Photonics is the world leader in fiber laser technology. The beam is of the highest quality, allowing constant cutting with extreme precision.

IPG features a compact, water-cooled, modular design, which allows for easy maintenance and relocation as required. IPG also boasts a class-leading wall plug efficiency of 50%, making them the industry standard for good reason.

Key components are tested or burned-in for hundreds of hours, and in the end, IPG only use the best components that have passed stringent control standards. IPG Photonics is certified ISO 9001:2008, giving customers the assurance that their business processes are both well-documented and conform to the same standards of quality upheld by most of the world’s largest and most highly regarded companies.


Maxphotonics Multi-Module CW Fiber Laser adopts water cooling, modular design, compact structure, highly integrated system, maintenance-free and high reliability.

The laser power is continuously adjustable, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency , high beam quality , and high laser stability. It is an ideal laser source for thick plate laser cutting, laser welding, laser cladding, surface heat treatment and other applications.

CW Fiber Laser adopts optical fiber with QBH head output CW Fiber Laser adopts optical fiber with LOE head output, which can be used with laser processing heads, galvanometers, etc,for system integration with robots and machine tools. It is widely used in hardware, medical, automotive, marine, aviation, Construction machinery and other industry.


The fiber laser independently developed by Han’s Laser has the advantages of large heat dissipation area, good beam quality, small size, etc. Compared with the gas laser and solid laser, it has obvious advantages, and has gradually developed into an important candidate in high-precision laser processing, laser radar system, space technology, laser medicine and other fields.

As the optical path of the fiber laser can be coiled, the optical path takes up less space. When the single core semiconductor pump laser is used as the pump source, the pump laser can be installed in a decentralized manner, with good heat dissipation characteristics. When the installation density is not high, air cooling can be used. When the installation density is high, only a small amount of water can meet the heat dissipation requirements. Therefore, all fiber lasers are smaller and lighter than gas and solid laser systems with the same output power.


The whole system adopts high end components to ensure the highest speed transmission while maintaining precision, stability, low failure rate and long service life.

Excellent internal quality achieves high standard machining dimensional accuracy, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.


Desboer high precision reducer, with high precision, high torsional stiffness, high reliability, low noise and longer service life, is more suitable for long-term high speed operation applications.

Roust World

Roust precision linear guide rail has built a complete set of high-precision transmission system. Excellent internal quality has achieved high standard machining dimensional accuracy, and ensured the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

YYC Precision Rack

K. H/YYC precision helical rack, wear-resistant, high precision, smooth operation, better stability, can maintain accuracy for a long time and prolong service life.

Innovance Servo Motor 

Inovance high-end servo motor meets the requirements of high speed, high precision, high quality and high productivity.


han’s series system advantage

  • Tube surface height tracking control (follow-up function).
  • Laser power slope control.
  • Adaptive feedforward “ART” adjustment technology.
  • Height sensor automatic calibration function.
  • Cutting control function of pulse changing at corner: The cutting control function of pulse changing at corner is used to change the laser power, pulse frequency and pulse duty cycle when cutting sharp corners. After passing the sharp corner, the machine tool returns to the original control mode, which not only ensures the sharp  corner profile section quality, also guarantees the cutting efficiency.
  • The lead-in special cutting function: customer can select different lead-in cutting methods based on the characteristics of high-temperature alloy tubes such as stainless steel and aluminum alloys when melting and cutting, which greatly improves the stability of Hans series laser cutting system on melting and cutting stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other high temperature alloy tubes, eliminates the phenomenon of backward splash and easy interruption of the cutting process, greatly reduces the pollution of the focusing lens, and improves the service life of the focusing lens.
  • Codge cutting.


The clamping system has two groups, consisting of a rotating device and a four jaw self-centering pneumatic chuck, one of which moves (X-axis) and the other is fixed on the machine bed.

The AC servo motor is controlled by the Hans series numerical control system, and the feeding chuck realizes the reciprocating movement in the X direction to complete the loading, cutting and feeding. The four-jaw self-centering chuck adopts pneumatic clamping, and the two opposite jaws are linked together to realize the self-centering function. The two groups of jaws can act independently, which can realize the self-centering and clamping function of any rectangular tube and round tube. The four jaws for fixing the chuck are equipped with rollers to ensure that the surface of the work piece will not be scratched when the pipe moves in the axial direction. The rotating device drives the chuck and the work piece to rotate synchronously.

Front Chuck

  • The cylinder is fixed and not rotating, with good stability in continuous air supply clamping, and high safety in maintaining pressure during gas interruption.
  • Mechanical transmission structure, high safety factor in component design, capable of stable 24-hour continuous production.
  • Adopting 4 sets of cylinders for driving, with high clamping force, each two sets of claws can be individually controlled, and the pipe is accurately aligned.
  • The gripper has a short stroke and high repeatability accuracy, allowing for quick replacement of the gripper without the need for accuracy verification after replacement.
  • Digital monitoring (without charging), real-time identification of clamped pipe size, safety alarm in case of size mismatch, and recognition of rectangular pipe direction.

Rear Chuck

  • The chuck is designed with a recognizable clamping pipe size structure and corresponding sensors. When the pipe being processed does not need to be processed, the data that the chuck clamps on the pipe and the set program needs to be processed can be fed back to be inconsistent, and an alarm will sound, effectively avoiding the processing of the wrong pipe and not afraid to process the wrong pipe.
  • Adopting an exhaust structure with good internal sealing.
  • The front and rear air exhausters are set to remove the high-temperature gas in the tube, avoid the impact of thermal deformation on the accuracy, effectively remove the cutting dust and improve the working environment.

Floating Support

The X-axis adopts gear and rack transmission and linear guide rail guidance, ensuring reliable operation; Both the gear rack and linear guide rail adopt precision products, effectively ensuring the accuracy of transmission; The limit switches at both ends of the stroke are installed with elastic buffer pads on both sides, effectively ensuring the safety of machine tool movement.

The machine bed is equipped with a servo assisted support device with Han’s patent.

While cutting the pipes, the support device always floats up and down according to the changes in the rotation radius of the pipes, ensuring effective support, preventing pipe sagging, and improving processing accuracy.

Work process of laser tube cutting machine: the tube bundle is hoisted to the loading part, the loading unit steadily conveys raw materials to additional support devices of the machine bed by a number of processes, including material loading, separating, hooking, lifting, length measuring, clamping, and feeding.

The height of the support devices is servo adjusted based on the tube dimension. The feeding chuck moves to a position which is automatic measured based on the raw material length, clamp the material, and send the material to the cutting area for end trimming.

Finally, cutting is performed according to the nesting program prepared by the automatic programming software. Each cut work piece slides down to the finished product box next to the operator, and the work pieces are manually collected into the designated finished product material box.

While cutting the tube, the next tube will be automatically prepared at the same time in the loading part. After the previous pipe material is processed, the subsequent tube will be sent immediately. The equipment will complete the loading action instantly, and the pipe will quickly enter the cutting process, which greatly improved production efficiency.

Semi Automatic Feeding (Optional)

Manually place the entire row of pipes on the material rack and automatically feed them to the clamping position on the turntable. The cut workpiece slides directly onto the finished frame. The photoelectric detection device on the mobile chuck can ensure that the incoming chuck reaches the accurate position for material clamping.

Fully Automatic Feeding (Optional)

The loading device is fully automatic, bundles of materials are stacked in the silo, automatically completing the loading, feeding, and reaching the clamping position of the turntable. The cut workpiece slides directly onto the finished frame. The feeding belt pipe length detection device ensures that the feeding chuck reaches the accurate position for clamping materials.